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This book has been out of print for several years. Its' author, and View Camera publisher Steve Simmons, is now working to make this available as an e-book on this web site.

The cost will be $25.00 for View Camera subscribers and $35.00 for non subscribers

This book is now avaiilable


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In order to access the Subscriber Section you will need the password. It is on the the front cover of the Subscriber copies- the last line of type below the cover photograph if your subscription if you purchased access to the Article Archives.. If there is a bar code on your cover instead, it is because your subscription did notinclude access to the Article Archives. The instructions for accessing this section of the web site are always on the bottom of each issue's Table of Contents page. This is true of the copies mailed to subscribers and for the Online copy as well.


A New Section =- Tech Tips. View Camera will post these periodically. And Readers are invited to send a Tech Tip to where they will be reviewed and posted as well.

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Our online version of the printed magazine, primarily intended for readers outside the U.S.

Online subscriptions are done on a yearly basis (January to December). Please note: this does not apply to standard paper subscriptions. When you subscribe at any time during the yearly period, you will be charged the full price of $27.50 U.S. and given access to the entire year's published issues. Everyone's subscription will expire at the same time (December 31st) and renewals will all take effect at the same time (January 1st). You are provided with access to all six issues for the year in which you have subscribed. We encourage you to download and save each issue on your computer, as all issues will be removed at the end of the year to make room for the new year's publications.

A USER ID and a password are provided via email within one business day. This password will be valid for the entire year. These will allow you to enter the special section of the View Camera web site where this material is stored. You will see the current cover and a Table of Contents. The entries on the TOC will be linked to individual articles. Click on the link to see the article. You can read it on the screen and/or download it. There will be a download key on the first page of each article. To download that article simply click on that key.

We are revising the formatting for the ONLINE issues so that they can be read on any device that has internet access. This should be completed by March 5, 2012. We will post a note here when the conversion is complete.

Consumer Warnings

1. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE THROUGH AMAZON.COM. We do not have an account with Amazon, and if you subscribe through them it goes to a third party subscription service and will take weeks for us to get the information. This will delay your receiving your magazines.

2. Beware of scams that all too frequently take place on some of the forums. Many times in the last few years a new company will come on, advertize a new product, or promote themselves as the discount supplier of film, paper, etc. These have been small garage companies that ultimately end up taking people's money and disappearing, and the forum operators and moderators will refuse to take any responsibility for this, even if it has happened previously with the same people and.or company. If their product looks good to you ask them if they have a legitimate third party dealer where you can buy their product. If they say no, then avoid them.

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How-To articles on camera movements, exposure techniques, and composition

Wonderful Portfolios!


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We have archived three Introductory Articles that we hope will help new enthusiasts get started in large format photography.

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** Effective in January 2011 the password for the Subscriber's Section will be good for the entire calendar year. In order to obtain this password your subscription will have to be good for all of 2011. This should make it easier for our subscribers to access the material in the Subscriber's Section and avoid a great deal of confusion

All renewals and new subscriptions from Canada are now handled directly by View Camera. We will bulk ship issues to a Canadian mailing house who will then send them out via Canadian Post to Canadian subscribers. It is now possible to subscribe from our web site via Paypal if you live in Canada. Just hit the Subscribe link above and select the Paypal link for Canada.


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Now Available!

We have taken the articles from our 22 years of publishing and reprinted them as booklets.

The Lens booklet has 204 pages that cover the history of lens design, and info on Schneider, Rodenstock, Dagor,Caltar, Nikkor and Fuji lenses, info on lens coatings, what is a telephoto lens and how does it work, how to select a lens, etc. This is probably the most authoritative and up to date information available on large format lenses. Subscriber's Price $45.00. Non Subscribers $55.00. If you live outside the United States there will be an extra charge for postage.If you are interested in buying and using large format lenses, or just studying the history of view camera lenses, this book will be a collector's piece.

The booklet on Large Format Technique has 55 pages of articles on Scheimpflug, Depth of Field, Using Camera Movements, Cleaning Film Holders, Setting Up and Using the Camera, Aligning Your Groundglass, and more.  Subscriber's Price $25.00   Non Subscribers $35.00.If you live outside the United States there will be an extra charge for postage

To order your copies please call 505-899-8054 M-F 8am - 4PM Mountain Time.


Additional resources will be added shortly, so check back soon!

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