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Large Format Nature Photography is the newest how-to large format book. Written by landscape photographer Jack Dykinga it covers topics such as
composition, light, focussing the camera, lenses, exposure, film, filters, weather and gear, etc. This book has 144 pages with many, many color and black-and-white photographs with how-to info. View Camera subscribers with
U.S. addresses will pay only $15.00 for this book.

The third in the Sinar series of large format how-to books. Practical information about camera and lens selection and use, filters, exposure, etc. Also, a wonderful series of portfolios with American and European landscape photographers. $29.95 for subscribers with US addresses.     Sinar  

This new biography will shed new light on Adams' development as an artist. The book traces his contacts with Edward Weston, Minor White, Alfred North
Whitehead, Alfred Steiglitz, Edward Carpenter, and Ella Young and then shows how they influenced his work. This book takes a more contextual view of Adams than any previous biography. The reproductions are only mediocre and the images have been seen before but the text is interesting and provocative and will ad new insight into Adams. . 144 pages plus bibliography. SRP is $45.00
but View Camera and CameraArts subscribers can pay only $35.00


Probably the best and easiest introduction to large format photography.

Topics include camera styles and selections, lens types and selections, camera movements, accessories, film exposure and development, camera operations, optical principles, film types and characteristics, and creative applications. Autographed copies are just $27.50* to US addresses, $35.00 for Canada and Mexico, and $45.00 elsewhere.

*$22.00 for current/new subscribers in the US.



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