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The View Camera Market

Circulation: 16,000!

VIEWCAMERA® is specifically aimed toward the large format photographer. Each issue provides in-depth interviews with portfolios by respected photographers, new and used equipment reviews, workshop listings, and articles providing technical information for the large format photographer that cannot be found in any other publication. In addition, we have many regular features in each issue including Product Review, Working With a Master, and The Black-and-White Corner.

® is an unbeatable buy for advertising space to reach the dedicated commercial and fine art photographer. Our publication is so precisely targeted to these buyers, and our place in the photographic industry is so respected, that your ad in VIEWCAMERA® will be an essential component in your overall marketing plan. Several of our advertisers have remarked, " don’t have readers, you have buyers!"

To discuss an advertising campaign for your company, please call us at your convenience.

Steve Simmons
View Camera
PO Box 2328
Corrales, NM 87048
Phone: (800) 894-8439 US Residents
Fax: 505.899.7977

General Advertising Rates
Effective January 1, 2011

Rate Card 10  

2014 Closing & Publication Dates
Cover Date Reservation Materials Publication Schedule
Jan/Feb 2014 Dec 2 Dec 12 Jan 5
March/April 2014 Feb 2 Feb 12 March 5
May/June 2014 April 2 April 12 May 5
July/Aug 2014 June 2 June 12 July 5
Sept/Oct 2014 Aug 2 Aug 12 Sept 5
Nov/Dec 2014 Oct 2 Oct 12 Nov 5

2015 Closing & Publication Dates
Cover Date Reservation Materials Publication Schedule
Jan/Feb 2015 Dec 2 Dec 12 Jan 5
March/April 2015 Feb 2 Feb 12 March 5
May/June 2015 April 2 April 12 May 5
July/Aug 2015 June 2 June 12 July 5
Sept/Oct 2015 Aug 2 Aug 12 Sept 5
Nov/Dec 2015 Oct 2 Oct 12 Nov 5


A 15% agency commission is given to recognized agencies provided account is paid within 30 days of invoice date. A 5% discount is given on payment with insertion order. It is understood that all ads are accepted subject to our credit requirements.


The publisher shall not be liable for any cost or damages if, for any reason, it fails to publish an advertisement.

The advertiser will be billed for advertising if cancellation occurs after the reservation closing data. All cancellations must be in writing.

The publisher shall hold advertisers and/or its advertising agency liable for monies due and payable to the publisher for advertising that the advertiser or its agency ordered, and for which advertising was published.

Placement of advertisements is the discretion of the publisher except when the advertiser pays for a preferred cover position, and/or if the publisher promises a specific position in writing.

All rates will be subject to charge by the publisher. All contracts will be honored at the current contract rate regardless of any rate changes. Contracted space must be used within 12 months of contract date.

The publisher reserves the right to approve all advertising.

In the event of a lawsuit, the loser pays all attorney and legal court fees. Lawsuits by the publisher for advertiser's nonpayment shall be heard in the state of the editorial office of View Camera™.

Short Rates/Rebates—Advertisers will be short rated if, within a one year period from the date of their insertion, they do not use the required number of insertions to warrant the billing rate used. Advertisers who use sufficient additional insertions will be rebated to bring their billings down to the appropriate lower rate.

Contract Regulations

The advertiser agrees to indemnify and protect the publisher from any claims or expenses resulting from the advertiser's unauthorized use of any name, photograph, sketch, or words protected by copyright or registered trademark. The publisher is not liable for errors in key numbers or in any type set by the publisher.

Advertising that simulates editorial must carry the word ADVERTISEMENT at the top in eight-point type.

Advertising copy that is submitted camera-ready must be at least eight point type for clear reproduction. View Camera ™will not be responsible for any artwork submitted that reproduces at less than eight point type.


All advertising bills are due 30 days after the billing date. Advertisers will be supplied with two tear sheets with their invoice for each issue. Bills not paid in full within the 30 days are subject to a 15% finance charge each month. Advertisers who fall two issues behind in their payments will have all future ads withheld until their account is paid in full. Advertisers who fall into this category will not be protected from rate increases that occur during their cancellation period.

Display Ad Sizes and Rates

All Prices are Gross. Agency Discounts will be given to companies having an outside ad agency. Internal agency situations will be considered on a case by case basis.

Frequency Discounts Apply to Contracts Spreading Ads Across View Camera and CameraArts!

Full page - 7" x 10" - or 8.5 x 10.875 for *bleed (give us .125 extra)

  • 1x BW - 1400.00
  • 3x BW - 1,275.00
  • 6x BW - 1,195.00

Add $500.00 for 4C (must use CMYK colors) add $125.00 ea for non CMYK colors

  • Cover 2 (inside front) - 1x - 1,900.00 for 4C, 3x - 1,750.00, 6x - 1,675.00
  • Cover 3 (inside rear cover) - 1x - 1,800.00 for 4C, 3x - 1,600.00
  • Cover 4 (rear cover) - same as Cover 2

Other Sizes Available

1/2 page sizes

  • island - 4.5 x 7.4375
  • 1/2 page vertical - 3.4375 x 10
  • 1/2 page horizontal - 7 x 4.875
  • 1x = $995.00, 3x = 965.00, 6x = 925.00, 10x = 885.00

1/3 page sizes

  • square - 4.625 x 4.875
  • vertical - 2.25 x 10
  • 1x = 700, 3x = 665, 6x = 625.00, 10x = 595.00

1/4 page sizes

  • 3.4375 x 4.875
  • 1x = 580.00, 3x = 545.00, 6x = 515.00, 10x = 480.00

1/6th page sizes

  • 1/6th vertical - 2.25 x 4.875
  • 1/6th square - 3.4375 x 3.125
  • 1x = 480.00, 3x = 445.00, 6x = 420.00, 10x = 390.00 

Technical Specifications

*Bleed: A 10% bleed charge is applied to both color and black-and-white ads when applicable.

Inserts: Page rate for a two page insert is 75% of contract rate for full page ads. Page rate for a four page insert is 50% of the contract rate for a full page. There is a $600 charge for tip-in.

We use a 133- or 150-line screen for the best possible reproduction. Any photos to be stripped-in will be billed to advertiser at trade rates. All black-and-white copy should be camera-ready film.

Negatives should be right reading, emulsion side down.

Digital File Submission Specifications

All ads should be sent in a digital format.

When sending electronic files to View Camera and CameraArts, please follow these instructions: If your ad is a full page, create your document to the actual trim size of the publication. Our single page trim size is 8.5" wide by 10.875" tall and the live area is 10" tall and 8" wide. Double page spread size is 10.875" tall and 17" wide and the live area is 10" tall and 16.5" wide. If colored areas of your ad extend to the edges of the page, please extend or "bleed" the ad 9 points (.125" or 1/8") beyond the trim on each of the document's four sides. If your ad is a fraction of a page (1/2 page, 1/4 page, etc.) please follow the ad sizes on our Rate Card. Ads should be either 300 dpi or 150 lpi. On two page spreads 1/4" is lost in the gutter area perfect binding).

Importing graphics or scanned images into your files requires an understanding of prepress operations. Please make use of your software's user manual and technical phone support to ensure that your files are created correctly. Always print your files to a laser printer and proofread them carefully before sending them to View Camera/CameraArts.

Dear Advertiser:
Because of additional costs involved with digitizing film ads for printing in View Camera and CameraArts, we must now add a $125 surcharge for film ads or digital files that do not fit into the guidelines given below. To avoid this surcharge and take advantage of time savings in processing, all advertisers are encouraged to submit materials in digital format.

Below are the specifications for digital files.

Send all documents needed to print out your ad. This includes:

  1. All ads should be sent as a PDF file. If the ad is to be black and white it should be a gray scale PDF. If we have to convert a color pdf to run as black and white there will be a $75.00 conversion fee. All fonts and graphics are to be embedded in the file.
  2. Four-color ads should be in CMYK color space.
  3. Two print proofs of your ad:
    For a color ad, please send us two color prints.
    For a black-and-white ad, please send us two one-color copies of the ad.

View Camera accepts CD-ROM, ZIP and 1.44 MB floppy disks.

Sending Materials

Insertion Materials and Artwork Should be Sent to:
Steve Simmons
View Camera Magazine
Box 2328 or 373 Windover Lane
Corrales, NM 87048

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