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About Us

VIEWCAMERA® is a bi-monthly publication that began in 1988, and is specifically aimed toward the large format photographer. Each issue provides in-depth interviews with portfolios by respected photographers, new and used equipment reviews, workshop listings, and articles providing technical information for the large format photographer that cannot be found in any other publication. In addition, we have many regular features in each issue including Product Review, Working With a Master, and The Black-and-White Corner.

VIEWCAMERA® is an unbeatable buy for advertising space to reach the dedicated commercial and fine art photographer. Our publication is so precisely targeted to these buyers, and our place in the photographic industry is so respected, that your ad in VIEWCAMERA® will be an essential component in your overall marketing plan. Several of our advertisers have remarked, " don't have readers, you have buyers!"

To discuss an advertising campaign for your company, please call us at your convenience.


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